That is why we are all lucky because of the internet.

Movies: Anything That Is Free Is Good

When you are into movies, you would easily realize that it would cost money to maintain such hobby. Basically, if you go to movie theatres, if you sum up all the money that you have spent, you would eventually realize that it is a lot of money. The sad part about spending that amount of money is that you only get to watch it once. Furthermore, it would cost you an extra amount to get that movie on DVD.

Starting the hobby

If you plan on starting a hobby of watching movies and learning from movies, you might have problems looking for a good DVD copy of a movie that you want and it will cost you money. We all know that you there are some good classics that are a must watch if you want to get into movies in general.  There is a lot of stuff on the internet that is for free and movies would be one of them. A good site that is highly recommended would be You can basically choose the movie that you want, select a genre and select a year. Either way, you will get enjoy all these movies for free.

What If I want to watch it on a much larger screen?

Well, if you have a large screen TV, it most probably is already on an LCD display and will have an HDMI connection. What you can do is buy an HDMI chord if you do not own one yet and connect your laptop, desktop or even your phone to your smart TV to be able to play it on your TV. The best part, there are some good quality HD movies on these sites that you can easily enjoy the movie.